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This 60v 20ah battery is exclusively for the our 2023 Wired Freedom/Cruiser models. This massive 1200Wh battery is one of the largest capacity batteries available for an electric bike! This Retention Dorado-style Lithium Ion Battery pack comes with 21700 Samsung cells. These are the same cells Tesla uses in their cars! The 21700 cells have a much higher capacity than the 18650 cells that most other e-bike companies still use in their batteries. Built-in battery LED power level and USB charging port comes standard.


Please use the 3amp fast charger that was included with your Freedom or Cruiser model purchase. Contact us if you need a replacement charger.



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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help!

Hey WIRED, what's up with the name change?

Many of you may have noticed that our company name had recently changed. We entered the e-bike market as Wicked Ebikes. We have now officially changed it to Wired Ebikes. You might be thinking...ok, so what gives?!? Why would you do such a thing??

Jealousy is a funny thing. 

Wicked Ebikes stormed into the market and one unhappy "e-bike" company took notice. See how I just used quotes around the term e-bike? That's because they sell "e-bikes" that don't look anything like traditional e-bikes. They look like old school motorcycles. Nothing like ours! 

Well, their attorney sent a "cease and desist" letter indicating that Wicked Ebikes was infringing upon their Trademark name. I tried explaining that our e-bikes looked nothing like theirs and both company names were different enough that potential customers would not be confused. It fell on deaf ears.

We will not disclose the name of this "unhappy" company, however, they sell products for $3495 that look strikingly similar to these products that could be purchased for $960 by any one:

(click on link above to see)

In the end, we decided to give this other company their "safe space" so they wouldn't feel "triggered" by our name any further. That's when "WIRED EBIKES" was born! 

"The jealous are possessed by a mad devil and a dull spirit at the same time."

Johann Kaspar Lavater

Are rack and fenders included?


All of our e-bikes come with front/rear metal fenders and a sturdy rear rack included with the purchase price. No need to pay extra for items that we believe should be included on all e-bikes sales throughout the country! Other companies discount their "standard" e-bike prices and then upsell racks and fenders to their customers. Here at Wired Ebikes, we know our customers want fenders and a rack for no extra charge. You got it!

What is the maximum speed on both the Freedom and the Cruiser?

35 mph (Estimated with a 160 lbs rider)

However, please be aware, that increasing the factory set speed of 20 mph changes the legal classification of our ebikes. All of our ebikes are shipped as class 2 from the factory. That means we have them programmed with a maximum speed of 20 mph.  
Legally, your ebike can no longer be considered a class 2 if you increase the maximum speed above the 20 mph factory setting. Changing the speed limit is at the rider's own risk and not advised by Wired Ebikes, LLC. Please check your local/state/federal laws to make sure you’re not breaking any laws by changing the speed limiter. Wired Ebikes, LLC has manufactured their ebikes to be ridden at 20mph and is not liable for any damage that might occur due to high speeds. We take pride the the durability of our ebikes, however, speeds higher than 20 mph create much greater wear and tear on components. Increased wear and tear on components from speeds greater than 20 mph will not be covered under warranty. Besides wearing down the components of your ebike, going at speeds greater than 20 mph on bike paths or other areas with cars, pedestrians and other bicyclists is just plain dangerous! 

What is the "real world" range on the battery?

Depends! In default settings and on PAS 1, approximately 80 miles.

Our battery is one of the largest on the market. That is an undisputable fact. 60v 20ah with Samsung cells is outrageous! What this means is that our batteries have 1200wh. Just do a google search of the battery size of our competitors (Rad Power, Aventon, Juiced, Sondors, Ariel Rider...). No other ebike comes close. Unfortunately, a lot of companies greatly exaggerate the distance that their ebikes can travel on a single charge. Most of them are 48v 14ah batteries. Unless you are going downhill or getting a serious burn in your leg muscles from peddling so hard, 30 - 40 miles is the most you will achieve on a small battery. Its just physics!  

How many watts are the motors and why is it important?

2200w Peak
1500w Continuous

In order to determine the overall "power" of an e-bike, the wattage is the most important measurement to consider. Wattage is a measurement of how much power the e-bike's motor can potentially generate. A motor with more watts is usually faster and has greater hill climbing ability (torque).  The majority of e-bikes have a 500w continuous/750w peak motor. Both of our models (Freedom and Cruiser) come with a 1500w continuous/2200w peak motor. That is twice the power of our competitors! 

Continuous wattage refers to how much power the motor can handle on a continuous basis, while peak wattage is the highest amount of power a motor can output under stress. 

Both of our models come shipped as a class 2 e-bike which means the motor is limited to 750w of continuous power. This is to make sure our e-bikes stay in legal compliance of federal and state laws which use the three classes. The setting are adjustable to change from class 2 to another class or even unrestricted. However, you must comply with your local laws and only use unrestricted mode on private property where it is safe to unlock the e-bikes full potential. Riding over 20 mph on a bike path, public road or other public area is not safe and should never be done.  

What is your return policy?

Return Policy of Wired Ebikes; Restocking Fees

At Wired Ebikes, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and want our customers to purchase with complete assurance. Kindly review our return and restocking fee policy that applies to all components, accessories, and ebikes sold by us.

Returns of New and Unused Items Within 30 Days of Receipt:

You have the flexibility to returnitems in a newand unused state within 30 days of receiving them. We'll provide a full refund without any restocking fee, deducting only the shipping costs. For all such returns, the return shipping expenses lie with the buyer unless it's our shipping mistake. Refunds will be processed via the original payment method.

Returns of Used Items:

Should you return items that have been used, you can do so within 21 days from the purchase date. The customer is responsible for the return shipping cost and and a restocking fee of $500. The items should be damage-free. Electric bikes must have an odometer reading less than ten (10) miles.

Return Shipping Costs:

The cost of shipping returns is borne by the customer. These expenses are non-refundable. We suggest opting for a traceable shipping service and acquiring shipping insurance as we can't promise that we'll receive your returned item.

Battery Returns:

Because of shipping carrier restrictions, batteries are non-returnable. The constraints surrounding high-capacity lithium-ion batteries make itimpossible for customers to ship them back.
Thank you for your understanding and forchoosing Wired Ebikes.

What is the different classifications of e-bikes?

Generally speaking, there are three (3) classifications of electric bikes.

These 3 classes of e-bikes are called:
Class 1 E-Bike
Class 2 E-Bike
Class 3 E-Bike

This class of electric bicycles uses a motor that provides assistance only when the e-bike is being pedaled. It stops providing assisting when a speed of 20mph is reached. Class 1 e-bikes do not have any type of hand throttle. Assistance is only achieved through actual pedaling. The motor is limited to 750 watts on all classifications.

Top Speed
This class of e-bike is limited to a top speed of 20mph. You can physically pedal faster than that. However, the motor will not assist you beyond 20mph. 

This class of e-bike is legally allowed on all bike lanes and bike paths where traditional bikes are allowed. These include bike-only paths, parks, roads, bike lanes, and multi-use trails. They are also allowed on mountain bike trails.

This class of electric bicycles uses a motor that can be solely used to propel the bicycle without the need to pedal. Meaning, Class 2 e-bikes usually have a throttle that can be used to provide assistance simply by twisting or otherwise engaging that throttle. You can get to point "A" to point "B" without pedaling at all. You can throttle the whole way! The great thing about this classification is that you can do either one or both: pedal and/or use throttle! Whether you use the pedals for the boost or use the throttle, power assistance will cease to help over 20mph. As you can see, the speed limitations of power assist is the same on Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes. 20mph is the maximum you can receive assistance on for both classifications. The only difference is that the Class 2 e-bike will come with a throttle along with the ability to just obtain help from the motor by pedaling. The motor is limited to 750 watts on all classifications.

Top speed
Class 2 e-bikes will assist the rider up to 20mph whether using the pedals or throttle.

Class 2 throttle-assist e-bikes are generally allowed in most places traditional bicycles are allowed. These include all bike-only paths, parks, roads, bike lanes, and, multi-use trails. However, some local laws do not allow throttle assisted e-bikes on their traditional bike paths. You need to check your local and state laws to remain compliant. 

This classification is the same exact as a class 1 e-bike, except for one thing: the motor will assist the rider up to 28mph. Just like the Class 1, there is no throttle on a Class 3 as well. The rider can only obtain assistance from the electric motor by pedaling. When rider exceeds 28mph, the electric motor will cut out until it detects the speed of 28mph or below. Federal regulations and some state laws indicate that Class 3 e-bikes must have a speedometer on them as well. However, most every e-bike will have a speedometer built into the display no matter what classification it falls under. Most e-bike riders want to know how fast they are traveling! The motor is limited to 750 watts on all classifications.

Top speed
This classification allows the motor to assist the rider up to 28mph. No throttle is allowed on any Class 3 e-bike. The class 3 electric bike has the highest top speed of all classes. 

Class 3 e-bikes are restricted from all shared or multi-use paths, bike paths, and trails shared with pedestrians. They are mostly restricted to on-road bike lanes. In some cities in Europe, a class 3 e-bike is regarded as a motor vehicle. A special license is required to ride one. 
How do I turn the power on and otherwise operate the display and it's features?
What makes your e-bikes different from all other products on the market?
Our goal at Wired Ebikes is not to be the biggest e-bike company around. We want to be the best! We know the only way to achieve that title is to provide our customers with an e-bike that offers more features, better quality and competitive prices. We challenge any potential customer or any competitor to find an e-bike, commercially available for sale, with the features that we offer. As a matter of fact, we challenge anyone to find another e-bike out there with at least two (2) of the features of our e-bikes!

2200w peak geared motor

60v 20ah battery (Samsung cells)

Ability to change e-bike classification

$1999 price

How much do the e-bikes weigh?
The Freedom and Cruiser both come in at around 88 pounds with the battery installed. Remove the 12 pound battery from the frame and the weight drops down to 76 pounds. 
Power to go Anywhere
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