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Love it

Chain is coming off when I pedal hard. Otherwise I love this bike. I wish I could get help figuring out the chain issue.

WIRED Freedom
Alex Bassin
Flawless right out of the box

I wanted to experience the bike before leaving a review, so it’s been over two months since I received my blue freedom. Assembly was a breeze, way easier than I anticipated with no issues whatsoever. After numerous trips on different terrain I can tell you that I love this bike more and more every time I ride it. I replaced the seat, added backup camera and horn. This ebike does not need anything else. With plenty of power and distance it's an ultimate cruiser. Kudos to the Wired team for getting it right!

Amazing bike!!! So fun to ride down to the beach and along the ocean!! Zoom zoom zoom

Great Customer Service

I love my e-bike! I dropped my bike and didn't realize a part fell off and when I asked the Wired team for a replacement it was in the mail the next day! Thank you!

Better than I thought it was it's a beast and takes hills like it's nothing where I live it's definitely a great investment and gonna save me money by riding instead of driving thinking of buying another one soon

WIRED Freedom
Mark Carroll
Freedom purchase

My 2024 Freedom met my expectations and then some. Customer service was fantastic from start to finish. Thank you Wired. Mark C

Is a great product keeps my phone secure while I’m writing

Display with Thumb Control Detached 2024

It is a great module. I do an Endo over the handlebars. Had to replace the brain.

Handle Bar Grip Endcap
Arthur Przychodzien

Excellent service

Suntour NCX Suspension Seatpost
Christopher Kendrick
Fix it so I ain't goin through this stuff

I'll make a review when it get fixed so I ain't gonna go everywhere. Then I'll gladly send a review

I like the fact that the seating is soft and comfortable so are the handle bars and the riding experiece is very smooth and relaxing. I love this bike!

WIRED Freedom

Safari love this bike. I love the color I love how it handles. However, I did take the metal fenders off. Because I don't ride it in the rain and it makes a noise.

Very disappointed. I've had constant issues and headaches with this bike to the point I have just decided to get rid of it. Customer support was helpful the multiple times I've had to contact them but nothing has worked to fix the issues I've had long term. I saved up for an entire year to buy this particular bike and do not appreciate having spent my hard earned money on a defective product.

I’m highly satisfied with this great bike

Nut and Bolt Holding Light to Fender

Great bike, so much fun!


So potent

Great for all uses

This bike is great! It can do everything you need to. Whether going slow down busy sidewalks or needing to go fast on back roads, it can do it all. Even on the highest speeds, the battery lasts an impressive amount of time. Hills and inclines will never be a problem even for people on the heavier side. Highly recommend.

Extra battery

Shipping tooo some time, but this is the best product bang for your buck currently on the market.

Handlebar Grips 2024


Liked everything other than the one annoying screw that tightens the front fender and light together on the frame

Phone Holder
Kevin Bond
Cracked battery casr

Unboxed and put together my brand new bike and saw the battery case was cracked. Called the company they said I didn't have insurance so they wouldn't do anything for me. B.S.

WIRED Freedom
Deborah Skelton
It’s a very good quality bike

This bike is huge! A short person, female, especially would have a hard time riding this

Awesome bike!!

This was purchased for my son to give him mobility. We had a problem that it was bigger than him and the wonderful customer service was able to assist us to make the adjustments so he could get on it. The bike is great quality now he just worries it will be stolen because it is so nice. Highly. Recommend the bike and the company.

Power to go Anywhere
CUSTOMER SUPPORT: (888) 996-0632