Wired Ebikes: Leading the Charge with Certification to UL 2849

Wired Ebikes: Leading the Charge with Certification to UL 2849

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At Wired Ebikes, our mission is to provide high-quality, safe electric bicycles that empower riders to explore their world sustainably. We are proud to announce the recent certification by SGS to UL 2849 standards of our 2024 Wired Freedom and 2024 Wired Cruisers models, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence and safety.

SGS Certification to UL 2849

Certification Test Report


On December 20, 2022, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) had called on manufacturers, retailers, importers, and distributors of micromobility devices to comply with established UL safety standards. This includes products covered by UL 2271 and UL 2849, which address electrical systems in personal e-mobility devices (such as hoverboards) and eBikes, respectively. We listened!

Subsequently, New York City recently passed a law requiring all e-bikes sold or distributed within the city to be "certified by an accredited testing laboratory for compliance with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard 2849." (Local law 31) We complied!

Wired Ebikes now complies with all Federal, State and local laws (including New York City!) with regards to safety standards established by UL 2849. Wired Ebikes chose to partner with SGS to obtain certification to UL 2849 standards. 

SGS is recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) to certify products to UL 2849, the Standard for Electrical Systems for e-bikes. SGS is one (1) of only three (3) Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories approved by OSHA to certify e-bikes to UL 2849! 

Wired Ebikes is the first and only company to get an e-bike with a 60v electrical system fully certified to UL 2849 standard by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. We think that's pretty cool!

Understanding UL 2849 Certification:

What is UL 2849?:
UL 2849 stands as a beacon of safety in the electric bicycle industry, defining rigorous standards for the electrical drive train system, battery system, and charger system combinations. This certification underscores our dedication to ensuring the utmost safety of our e-bikes.

Importance of Certification to UL 2849 Standards:
UL 2849 certification holds immense importance within the e-bike industry, serving as a hallmark of quality and safety. It not only ensures compliance with essential safety standards but also fosters consumer trust and confidence in our products.

The Certification Process:

Preparation and Initial Steps:
Our journey towards UL 2849 certification began with meticulous preparation, including thorough internal assessments and consultations with industry experts such as SGS. These initial steps were crucial in laying the groundwork for a successful certification process.

Testing and Evaluation:
Undergoing UL 2849 certification involved a series of comprehensive tests covering electrical, mechanical, and environmental aspects. Throughout this phase, we encountered various challenges, which we addressed with unwavering dedication and attention to detail.

Meeting the Standards:
Despite the challenges, our e-bikes emerged triumphant, meeting and surpassing the stringent standards set forth by UL 2849. Through innovative design modifications and enhancements, we ensured that our Wired Freedom and Wired Cruisers models excelled in every aspect of the certification process.

Benefits of Certification to UL 2849:

Safety and Reliability:
UL 2849 certification reaffirms our commitment to prioritizing safety and reliability above all else. By adhering to these rigorous standards, we mitigate the risk of electrical failures and accidents, providing riders with peace of mind on every journey.

Market Impact:
In an industry where safety regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, UL 2849 certification sets Wired Ebikes apart as a trusted leader. This certification not only enhances our credibility in the market but also opens doors to new opportunities, particularly in regions with strict e-bike regulations like New York City.

Customer Assurance:
Above all, UL 2849 certification offers our customers the assurance that they are investing in a product that meets the highest safety standards. We recognize the responsibility that comes with providing electric bicycles, and this certification reinforces our commitment to delivering unmatched quality and reliability.

Continuous Improvement:
The journey to UL 2849 certification was a testament to our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to staying abreast of evolving safety standards and incorporating cutting-edge innovations to further enhance the safety and performance of our e-bikes.

SGS Certification to UL 2849

Certification Test Report



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